Lynne Scacco, Naturopath,
Massage Therapist

B.Health Sc. (Naturopathy) Dip.Counselling & Psychotherapy, Cert. Remedial massage, Member of Naturopathic and Herbalists Association of Australia

Lynne works one on one with clients in a very down to earth and practical manner. During each consultation, a large emphasis is placed on instructing clients on how they can best apply simple lifestyle approaches to facilitate their own recovery.

With over 20 years of clinical experience and 18 years of lecturing in Natural Medicine, Lynne is comfortable working with people from all walks of life and all age groups. She is experienced in treating a wide variety of health issues ranging from preventative medicine through to long-standing chronic illness.

Drawing on a vast array of modalities, Lynne employs those which best suites each individual’s needs.

She is trained and experienced in: Herbal medicine, Nutrition, Homoeopathy, Iridology, Flower essence therapy, Diet and Lifestyle strategies, Counselling, Dream work, Stress management, EFT and Remedial Massage.

Lynne has studied extensively in both Eastern and Western spiritual philosophies and has a keen interest in mind- body medicine.

She is passionate about the ongoing discoveries within the field of physics and the bridge they create for the coming together of science and holistic medicine. Her knowledge in this regard allows her to work at quite a deep level with each individual, irrespective of their scientific and/ or spiritual belief.