Alice in Wonderland – the game

Alice in wonderland- the game

A one month commitment challenge

Many years ago I was listening to a podcast by inspirational speaker Rev. Michael Beckwith, during which he made a comment something to the effect of   The Queen of Hearts got it right , when she said  to Alice you have until morning to believe in 10 impossible things or off with your head. As I listened to  Michael a little longer I finally understood what the Queen of Hearts had meant and so I embarked on what I now call the Alice in Wonderland game.

A game where you too can learn to switch off your head and once again believe in the impossible.

This game has been shared with many of my clients over the years with some amazing results. I am offering it here now to anyone who would like to take up the challenge.

As adults we often suffer from the disease called seriousness, we lock ourselves in to perceptions of who we think we are and how we ought to behave. Worse still, we believe that we know who and what the world thinks we are.  If we want to break out of these limiting ways of being and return once again to the world of imagination and possible impossibilities then the answer is simple “off with our head”. We must move out of linear thinking and bring our attention back to our heart’s desire.  A place of love, joy, vitality, enthusiasm, imagination and feeling.

The game only takes a few minutes to play and I suggest you play it each morning and night for the next 30 days to see how it can help you free yourself from out dated ways of being. A note of warning however, don’t be surprised if you find yourself playing this in your car at the red light before it turns green, in the shower, or in any other moment you have a few minutes to spare. The joy and laughter it invokes is infectious and you will come back for more time and time again.

The rules:

Each morning before getting out of bed and each night as you retire you are to think of 6 seemingly impossible things that would bring you joy.

Here is the clincher. When thinking about your desires you must enter into the feeling of what it is like to have ALREADY achieved these things exactly as a CHILD would do.

Ask any young child what they want to be when they grow up and they will tell you without hesitation. Declarations of “I want to be the president, I want to live in the jungle and speak animal talk, I want to be a dolphin” abound. Their heads have not yet gained enough power to censor their hearts so they believe with every cell in their body, they believe that anything and everything is possible.

When did you last believe like that? When did you last jump for joy squealing with delight at the simplest of pleasures?

In playing the Alice in Wonderland game you are asked to enter into that space and hold the energy of joy, enthusiasm and wonderment. Really enter into it and then let it go and move onto the next impossible thing. Six in all. It sounds easy but many struggle to find their six.

Example 1.

You live with chronic pain and nothing in the past has helped but now before you get out of bed dare to imagine how good you feel. Imagine you have woken up pain free, absolutely nothing hurts, your muscles and joints move with ease.  Imagine yourself dancing around the room in sheer joy with arms outstretch reaching for the stars.  Now imagine jumping up and down on the bed like a naughty child just because you can. You scan your body quickly, just in case ….nope everything is still moving, nothing hurts. OMG you feel amazing. Spontaneous laughter erupts and you see yourself falling back on the bed giggling like a four year old. Hold onto that feeling a moment longer and then move on to your next almost impossible thing with the same enthusiasm and joy.

Example 2.

You hate your job but the money is good and you feel trapped. Your six impossible things might include. A new job that feeds your soul, the job is close to home, a new car comes with the new job plus it pays more money. Life is so good you have finally lost that extra weight you have been carrying and you are headache free for the first time in years.  Now work it, with as much joy and childlike enthusiasm as you can possibly muster. See it, feel it, breathe it in, oh and don’t forget to LOL… enjoy!

Each session should not take more than 5 minutes to complete all 6 impossibilities. The secret is getting in to it quickly and intensely, don’t waste time thinking about getting it right. The beauty is you can’t get it wrong. In the realm of possible impossibilities you can have it all. Repeat as often as you like throughout the day but commit to at least morning and night.

What does your heart desire?

You can put out for anything you want just don’t get too attached to the outcome, after all its just game. Don’t overthink it, over thinking leads to seriousness. Play for the sake of playing and have fun. For five minutes twice a day you are asked to act like a creative spontaneous child imagining your hearts desire.

The outcome

If you dare to take up the challenge what will eventuate is this, you will start to perceive life differently.  Your thoughts will change without effort. Instead of looking at situations and issues from a closed mind set new ideas will open up to you. You will see the world from a very different view point. This in turn naturally leads to the creation of inroads into your issues offering up solutions to problems in a way that you had not previously thought possible.

The challenge is 30 days, I wish you well

Feel free to let me know how the experience unfolds for you.